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Club Member Benefits

When you become a member of DirectBuy, you'll have access to all of the following:

You, your spouse, and your children who are 18 years of age or younger and living at home, are automatically included in your DirectBuy membership. In addition, dependent children who are full-time students are considered to be members until age 23.

As a member, you'll have incredible buying power, and can experience thousands of dollars of savings by purchasing the things you want and need from the hundreds of thousands of brand-name items available through DirectBuy. You save because the DirectBuy system eliminates the hidden retail markup associated with conventional retail, discount, warehouse, outlet, and Internet buying.

In addition to substantial savings, DirectBuy provides members access to an extraordinary selection of brand-name products and services. Your selection is not limited to just the items typically on display in retail stores. You can order directly from the manufacturers or their authorized suppliers, choosing from literally hundreds of thousands of options, including specialty and custom products. In many cases, you have access to their entire line, not just what a retailer thought they could stock and sell.

DirectBuy provides its members the convenience of one-stop shopping. As a member, you no longer have to drive from store to store, checking prices on everything you need. It's all here at DirectBuy. And because it's all in one place, shopping and coordinating your home decorating — matching styles and colors of carpet and flooring, upholstery, wall and window coverings, furniture and appliances — has never been easier!

DirectBuy membership qualifies you to receive discounts on goods and services outside of your local club via our Local Merchant Discount program. You'll be able to access a complete listing of businesses participating in our Local Merchant Discount program once you become a member.

In addition to our extensive offering of national and international products, as a member, you'll also be able to extend your buying power to items that are most efficiently delivered on a local basis, like granite and building materials from local suppliers. Our Local Product Suppliers are featured along with our national and international suppliers.

DirectBuy is not open to the general public. This means you can always be assured that our interest is in helping you order and receive exactly what you want and need.

Just because members receive extraordinary savings when they shop using DirectBuy, it doesn't mean they have to sacrifice quality or settle for less! Members have access to quality products from hundreds of brand-name manufacturers and/or their authorized suppliers.

To help ensure that you receive everything you purchase in excellent condition, our merchandise receivers inspect your order when it arrives at our club. If any item is found to be damaged in transit, or defective from the supplier, we'll work with the shipping company or manufacturer to resolve the situation at no additional cost to you.

As a member of DirectBuy, you'll find that some items can be shipped directly from the manufacturer to your home via UPS, Fed Ex, or other courier. If not, the item will be shipped to the club and inspected, at which time you'll be contacted to pick up the item, or, if you wish, you can take advantage of the club's local delivery service.

The benefits of DirectBuy membership don't end after the merchandise has been delivered. We work with independently owned and operated local contractors and installers who make available an extensive array of professional services to help you complete your home remodeling and furnishing projects.

All available manufacturer warranties apply to products purchased through DirectBuy.

Additional warranty coverage may be available on selected items.

As part of your membership, you have access to products from Direction® catalog each quarter. This popular publication features a wide selection of merchandise available for purchase at the club or online at my.directbuy.com. These are often exclusive promotions, new product introductions, or limited-time price reductions.

My.directbuy.com combines the convenience of home shopping with the tremendous savings that DirectBuy delivers. Via the website, members can order many items featured in the quarterly Direction catalog; find showrooms throughout North America; become acquainted with category and supplier lists; browse through nearly the entire Manufacturer's Library via the Virtual Showroom; renew their membership; update contact information; and shop the latest Club Exclusives, which highlight special offers from manufacturers that result in savings above and beyond everyday member direct prices.

Renewing your membership after your initial membership period will allow you to continue to enjoy the many benefits of DirectBuy.